In Fundu - Moscato Di Cagliari DOC

In Fundu - Moscato Di Cagliari DOC

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Grape Variety

Muscat 100%


Hilly area in the centre of Sardinia, cultivation on upwardly trained vertical trellises, vinestock density 5.000 per hectare, average yield 2 kg per vine, hilly environment, limestone-clay terrain, Mediterranean climate with mild winters,
limited rainy periods and hot, windy summers.

Vini cation

Maceration of the most at low temperatures for 12 hours, delicate pressing, settling at low temperatures, introduction of selected yeasts to initiate fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18 °C, storage at a constant 18 °C and humidity 75%, controlled light source, stored horizontally.


Golden yellow.


Decisively aromatic, ample bouquet with rich notes of honey and spices.


Soft and balanced.

Serving Suggestions

Dry desserts.

Serving Temperature

10 - 12 °C


0,50 litre

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