Ichnusa Non Filtrata - Case of 24 x 330ml

Ichnusa Non Filtrata - Case of 24 x 330ml


Ichnusa Non Filtrata 330ml

Alcohol: 5% Size:
330ml Carton size: 24

The last born of the house Ichnusa is an unfiltered beer, low fermentation, 100% pure barley malt. The recipe uses light barley malt and caramel barley malt, a mixture that gives Ichnusa Non Filtrata a round taste, delivers delicate herbal feelings and notes of yellow and apricot fruit, accompanied by a delicious, fragrant soup of bread crust . To make it unique, the absence of filtration treatment: at the end of the process, instead of being filtered, it is naturally decanted in fermentation teats. Correct, balanced and lovable, Ichnusa Unfiltered preserves the yeast in suspension and has a pleasantly veiled look. It is a beer that collects the best beer tradition. They are the small and wise gestures of the master baker to scandalize the productive process, ending with the final honey throwing, handmade as a time and giving Ichnusa Unfiltered its unmistakable aroma.

The exclusivity of Unfiltered Ichnusa is also underlined by its bottle: a unique form that expresses the history of the brand, the wild and pure spirit of its land of origin. Different in taste and shape than all beers on the market.

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