Miele Sardo Lavanda BIO - Organic (500g)

Miele Sardo Lavanda BIO - Organic (500g)


Miele Lavand - Sardinian Lavander Honey 500g

Wild lavender (Lavandula Stoechas) is a very common shrubby plant in the Sardinian countryside. Flowering occurs in the spring season (February-June) depending on the altitude.

Appearance: lavender honey is pale yellow in color and has a delicate aroma. The crystallization occurs fairly quickly to medium and fine crystals with a color tending to white-beige.

Suggested recipes: try it with lettuce, in seadas, origliette or with milk for breakfast. For is delicate flavor it is the most suitable honey to be used in the feeding of infants and children where it can be used as replacement of normal cooking sugar

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