Miele Sardo Cardo BIO - Organic (500g)

Miele Sardo Cardo BIO - Organic (500g)


Miele Cardo - Sardinian Cardo Honey


Particularly common in Sardinia, the many different types of wild thistle bloom from the first months of the year to the beginning of May. Their very rich and spicy scent reminds of cinnamon with a slight hint of nutmeg.



Miele di Cardo Selvatico


Ingredients: Thistle Honey 100% ( Galactites Tomentosa)



500 gr


Allergens: no Allergens.


Food Pairing:

It is excellent for breakfast when spread on a slice of bread, or poured on fresh ricotta as a glaze.  It is highly recommended with tasty cheeses, since it smoothes their sourness. It may be dissolved in a herb or camomile tea.



It is amber with an orange cast in a liquid state, but it becomes dark beige when crystallized. With a strong sweet flavour, and an intense aroma typical of flowers in the Mediterranean countries.

Occasion: Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert, Party, Dinner

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