Pane Carasau - Flat bread (250g)

Pane Carasau - Flat bread (250g)


Pane carasau, or Carta da Musica, Sardinian Flat Bread

It is thin and crisp. Made from Sardinian durum wheat semolina. It is made by taking baked flat bread, then separating it into two sheets which are baked again. The recipe is very ancient and was conceived for shepherds, who used to stay far from home for months at a time. Pane carasau can last up to one year if it is kept dry.

The bread can be eaten either dry or wet (with water, wine, or sauces), even drizzled with a good extra virgin olive oil & salt and placed into the oven for a few minutes, just enough for it to warm up and the oil to soak into the bread.

It is called carta da musica in Italian, meaning sheet music, in reference to its large and paper thin shape.
Pane Carasau is in Sardinian.

Serving Tips:  Lightly sprinkle extra virgin olive oil and salt on each individual sheet of bread a place in the oven at 180 degrees for 4-5 mins.

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